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  • Highly Addictive

  • Stress relief with attitude

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What is Skrunch

Stress relief with attitude, Skrunch! is a fun, engaging and highly addictive product designed
to maintain the health and conditioning of the hands, fingers and mind!

Suitable for all ages

...highly durable latex material to ensure
a supremely comfortable therapeutic
massage for the hand and fingers

Squidgy, squashy,
pulverisable, rollable

...Skrunch!® is easy to pick up but
impossible to put down

Highly flexible

...you can pull it... drag it... stretch it...
pinch it... dig your fingers into it,
firmly, softly, gently
- with force or without

offering unmatched
rehabilitation and

...for the fingers and hands and
soothing calm for the mind

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Skrunch! is 300g of extra fine micro-base silica crystal wrapped up inside a tactile double skinned, highly durable latex material to ensure a supremely comfortable therapeutic massage for the hand and fingers each time you pick it up.

Stress relief with attitude!

Reseller opportunity

Why should I resell Skrunch™?

Supplied pre-loaded in a convenient 24 piece point of sale display unit (enclosed inside an outer shipping box).

Skrunch!® is an ideal add-on-product for retailers and is delivered ready for immediate placement on the checkout or counter beside the till.

Give it a try, we guarantee your customers have never felt anything quite like it!

What people are saying

  • "Excellent tool in preventive care against arthritis, carpal tunnel and other problems from sneaking up on you. Great to use while watching tv or reading a book. 10-15 minutes makes a difference!"

    amazon reviews

  • "This ball is perfect for strengthening my hands and fingers for learning the violin"

    amazon reviews

  • "I use the ball to stretch my tendons and strengthen the hard to exercise outer pinky and outside palm"

    amazon reviews

  • "I had a hand injury and after two months exercising with the Skrunch!™ Stress Ball my rehabilitation concluded"

    amazon reviews

  • "Works great for exercising my hands. This was recommended for use to help with my arthritis and just a few minutes of use a day has helped reduce stiffness and pain in the morning"

    amazon reviews

  • "I find that using this daily helps with wrist and finger pain. I would recommend this to friends"

    amazon reviews

  • "I have very severe anxiety, and I have found this stress ball to be very helpful in times where I am not able to express my anger or anxiety. I recommend it for others with anxiety or even anger issues"

    amazon reviews

  • "This is very good for strengthening your hand or wrist. If you have any problems at all it will help. It is great for driving. It is great for sitting in front of the television. Just great"

    amazon reviews

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